Nice pun in that subject line, huh? His name's Brian Surewood, and we said "sure would". Get it? It's fucking gold and you know it! besides, Brian could probably use a laugh or two considering the fact that he's about to spend the next 52 months behind bars.

Perhaps you remember the October 2007 auto-crash incident Mr. Surewood was involved with? Pretty ugly stuff. Two cars (one of the Brian's) were speeding through L.A., cutting each other off and doing what a lot of folks would probably call "Raising hell". At one point, Surewood pulled in front of the other car and stopped short, causing the other car to swerve into some nearby parked cars. Both cars ended up smashed to shit, along with a bystander, Syeda Arif, who was standing behind her parked Honda Civic, with her two kids. Arif was injured. Her infant daughter was injured worse (she's actually still in intensive care from the incident), and her 5-year old son was killed instantly. Like we said, ugly stuff.

Well, a year and a half later, things are getting moving in the trial, and there's a whole lot of question marks. For one thing, there's the charge itself. Prosecutors (and a good deal of the public) were calling for a murder charge, demanding the harshest possible penalties. Let's face it - when you're responsible for the death of a 5-year old, people are gonna want your blood. Even the mayor said that Surewood and Armando Ayon, the other driver involved, would be going to jail for the rest of their lives.

The idea was that, while engaging in such reckless road behavior, the defendants were both acting with "implied malice" towards the victims. Surewood's lawyer, Ron Miller, spent this past Friday getting that charge thrown out. He explained to the judge, "I don't believe any reasonable human being could reasonably have foreseen that the way they were driving would result in death or great bodily injury to another person. In closing my argument to the judge, I said, 'Your Honor, if the court sustains the murder charge against Mr. [Surewood] in this case, the court is effectively throwing out gross negligence and ruling that any violation of the vehicle code that results in the death of another human being is murder,' and I said, 'Quite frankly, Your Honor, that scares me.'"

You know what, fuck it. We're not lawyers here. We can't really say whether or not he deserves a murder charge. It's a tough-as-fuck situation. Anybody can see that. What we can do, though - is talk about the way his porno occupation weighs in on this mess. Miller said, "people have a preconceived notion of what an male adult performer is, just as they do a female adult performer, and that's that male adult performers, all of us, are just oversexed dogs, just like the girls are all sluts. So even a fan of porn is going to go, 'This guy's such a rogue anyway, he's not going to let some 19-year-old kid beat him in a dispute on the streets, and may very well have said to hell with everybody."

It's a pretty good point. I'll admit, I've seen this guy in films and he scares the fuck out of me. But is that what he's really like? How the fuck would I know? People who know him say that it's not. He's got (from what I can gather) a good reputation in the industry, and isn't known to be the rogue he's made out to be. Again, Ron Miller: "I've always felt that Brian was a kind and gentle man. I've never seen Brian lose his temper on a set, even on those days that all of us performers have had, where the day is endless and our scene never seems to come around and everything goes wrong - I've never seen Brian angry. He's always been a gentleman to everybody."

Of course, that is his lawyer talking, so I gotta take it with a grain of salt. Like I said, I don't know the guy.

As it stands, Surewood ended up pleading no contest. There's hopes to get him moved to a fire crew, where he'd be put to work stopping forest fires and whatnot, instead of just doing the whole "Oz" thing. As it is, he's been under nearly 24-hour lockdown since the accident, as is demanded by his "K-10" classification.

We shall see.

Sorry about such a downer of a story. It's news, right? We'll have some fun later on. You'll see.


poop eater

Wow, you got a lot of the details wrong. Fucking idiot.

I don't care if this guy

I don't care if this guy does 52 months or 52 years for killing a child. Just keep him in the jug so we don't have to see his disgusting self defiling young porn stars anymore. The only good thing about this whole tragedy is that this creep has been off my video screen.

And I want to keep it that way.

Hold on

So his lawyer is a bizzo as well?
I'm confused.

Ugly but necessary

Well folks;

I congradulate you for offering a piece of so-called "decent" news-worthy article on your node(s)... Not that your posts aren't entertaining (to say the LEAST!).

Brain's always been an enigma to me; his looks are favoring one sided-stereotypical behaviour, while his rep in the industry shows us another facet.

This "accident" situation makes it really intriguing to figuring out why would an established "stud" would still go for such child-like behaviour. Brian's got gigs and has done so regardless of his looks throughout many years in the industry. Now why in fuck's sake would he feel the need to raise hell on the streets with another tostesterone-charged pseudo speed racer? Aren't such activities usually limited to the young kids who think they have something to proove?

As far as I can tell, things are sketchy at best.

Thanks for the insight!

surewoods wife

dude brians wife carmen sequin barnes has a facebook page called brian barnes is innocent shes the craziest fucking bitch i have ever met,shes super fucking crazy and the biggest bitch ever!!


You're getting most of the details of the case wrong, probably because you wrote your spew in a half-remembered haze of various equally unresearched porn gossip site postings. Surewood was NOT racing, & he did NOT slam on his brakes. So went all the testimony in the pre-trial hearings, which is why they reduced the charges. Your research/reporting abilities are about on par with your skill at making puns. Isn't there a peep booth floor you should be mopping somewhere?


I told you never to comment on my site! GET OFF!!!!

- Not Fade Away


We offered insight? Whoa.

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