I dont know about you but my email is constantly filled with urgent spam messages from girls who claim to either know me or want to get to know me. My inbox is filled with eWhores.

"eWhoring is a black hat technique for making money. Basically what you do it you pretend to be a girl in a chat room. Then you talk to guys and you ask them to sign up to your affiliate program, usually an adult affiliate program, and once they sign up you get paid." -Urbandictionary

I never thought much of it until I came across one of my favorite cam girls on MyFreeCams with a whole new identity and a disturbing youtube video posted right on her profile page! After getting what info I could gather from her profile page and blog I wrote to Ivy Jean hoping to get an interview and she delivered, dude! Please read the following interview and watch her youtube video about scammers.

Meet Ivy Jean. The tatted red head of my dreams. With boobies so perfect they may just bring a tear to your eye...if not there, to your penis at least.

You have accomplished so much as an adult model with your very own website and huge following on MyFreeCams. How old are you? And how long have you been doing this?

Thank you, it's been a long road getting here! I'm 23 years old. I started shooting for my site in March 2010 and then started webcamming not long after.

I read that you have been playing poker since 8th grade. Do you still play? What's your biggest jackpot (is that what winning at poker is called?)?

My love for poker came from my 8th grade boyfriend. Any time we hung out with his friends they'd play poker. Eventually I got sick of just watching and wanted to learn and then loved how angry they got when a girl beat them so I kept with it all these years. I don't play as much as I'd to like these days because I live in Texas where it's illegal and we don't have casinos. I used to be an online player playing 35-70 hours a week running 3-4 tournaments at a time before the US government shut online down back in April of 2011, referred to by poker players as "black friday". My biggest poker cash was in October 2011 for $7k. One of my goals is start playing again I really miss it.

I watched your youtube video about scammers. That's awful. How did you find out you were a victim of E-whoring?

I started getting really weird messages on myfreecams, tumblr, and twitter. Like " it's me _____ , I found you" and " I was talking with you earlier" or " you said we could meet." I felt really terrible for the people because they'd tell me they'd wired money to people pretending to be me. One scammer even went as far as to make a blog and re-watermark every single one of my photos. is a good site for victims of romance scams. People have to be careful.

Had you heard of E-whoring before your scam experience?

Never. I knew that people made fake profiles but didn't realize the extent of the problem. It's one of the drawbacks of having a solo website where anyone can sign up. Access all your vids/pics and then turn around and do whatever they please with them. I can't tell you how many fake profiles across dating sites & social sites I have had impersonating me but they're hard to get rid of. You kill one & 5 more pop up! I finally had to make that video because it was out of control.

You recently started calling yourself Ivy Jean. Did you pick that name or was a fan pick?

I sure did and it was actually came up with it myself. I had asked my following to help me come up with a name and even had a contest! I had a list of favorites but kept coming back to Jean, which surprisingly, no one else had recommended. I literally used the US census name generator and matched thousands of last names with Ivy, which I was definitely going to keep. Jean just "fit."

Will Ivy Jean be the same as Ivy Snow or is this going to be a completely different character for fans to enjoy?

The change from Snow to Jean was primarily for legal purposes and because I wanted to start over with a clean slate and build something of my own from there. "Ivy Jean" is going to be more adventurous by branching out and trying new styles of shooting, more cinematic & thought out scenes, and more girl/girl content.

What do you hope to do with Ivy Jean that Ivy Snow couldn't or didn't do?

My hope for Ivy Jean is to be more involved in every aspect of the job and allow me the freedom to proceed with my career on my own terms. Something I really haven't done and plan to do is travel to adult conventions/expos to meet other models/companies/fans in this industry. I would love to shoot with other companies and photographers. I also have 100% total control of the website design, content, pricing, etc and that's something that was never true with Ivy Snow. I will also be able to cam for my members within my website with free weekly shows and be available to prebook for private one on one time. It will be more affordable for guys because I've cut out the middle man.

You wrote that the split from your webmaster was nothing personal and you had nothing but nice things to say about them. But they locked you out of your site before you could do final farewell show for the fans. Do you feel you were mistreated by your former webmaster?

I wouldn't say I felt mistreated but more under appreciated for the hard work I had given to them during our time together. It seemed pretty juvenile that they didn't even allow me to properly say thank you to all my people in a farewell show but I suppose they felt like I wronged them. I wish things would have worked out in a better way for us but at the end of the day I gotta make my decisions based on what's best for me and wish them the best.

Now that you have a new website to launch which company or webmaster have you decide to work with on this site?And how much of the site is your input and your say?

The webmaster I'm working with is- me. ;D The last year or so of my old site I had pretty much taken over all the responsibilities like planning all my shoots, shooting over half my content on my own, editing photos and videos, managing social media, sending DMCA notices, and pretty much all the rest of the work needed to run a website except for the webmastering, graphic design, and affiliate program. So I've taken the next step and will doing that as well. New technologies and content management systems like Elevated X make it possible for solo models and cam girls to run their own sites efficiently and still have time to webcam as much as I want. I'll even have a full fledged affiliate program. The work is gonna increase, but it's still manageable if you stay organized and push ahead.

I think there's a lot of misinformation regarding solo girl sites out there. Content producers tend to exaggerate the type of income they make and downplay the work involved. When I got into the biz originally I thought I'd be working 5-6 hours a week max and would have the rest of my time free to play poker and do what I wanted. I thought you just shoot a bunch of scenes, put up the site, leave it there, and the money would start rolling in. That's really not the case at all. It's a ton of work and you run out of updates fast.

You can make damn good money on a solo site, but the girls that reach that level are busting their ass, have found a niche, and make the most of every opportunity they were given. For every 1 success, there are dozens of failures. I've noticed there are a lot of girls in this industry who have had multiple sites. I didn't want to leave one company for another in an endless cycle and not even own the content. I wanted to take control my direction and my content.

Another part of my frustration with my old situation was that I didn't have the freedom to make improvements to the site functionality, improve or freshen up the design, edit tour pages, or just do things the way I wanted. I want to shoot other girls and that wasn't possible with my old arrangement. You have to constantly be updating your tour, making blog posts, trying different types of content, managing social media, and interacting with fans in creative ways. Now that I'm on my own, I can do all these things and I'll be much more available for my members in the new site. There's private messaging, chat, webcam shows both public and private, polling, a ratings system, members only blog, and more. I want to be a clubhouse for my members where they know they'll find me. That's something you don't get on a tube site or even my old site.

The bottom line is that the solo site game has changed. Gone are the days of content producers taking a majority stake in a girl's site in exchange for per scene pay or a small percentage. I think that as time goes by more and more girls are going to realize they can do this themselves with the tools that are available to them. Those sites will be able to get affiliates, grow a healthy membership, and rise to the top. If you work hard enough, are responsible, market yourself like crazy, and put out a good product, you can succeed.

When do you expect the launch of Ivy Jean's site? And until then where can fans enjoy your blog?

I'm shooting for the early part of July but it could be a little longer depending on a few things. I will have a firm date soon! In the meantime, you can follow my blog at . You can also subscribe to a mailing list at and you'll get emails with site updates, previews, and teasers.

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