So, it appears there's a tot of hubbub surrounding Alex Chance in the past few days. Even Brian Bangs got in on the action this very morning when he shouted, "Who the hell is Alex Chance?" to a room full of Popporn staffers (not unlike that TMZ room).

According to the reliable pornographic media, Ms. Chance has been accused by some guy named "Peter" of giving her syphilis while he had hired her to be banged by him. His accusations came in the form of a letter that had been mailed to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, as well as to the blog of some dork named Mike South. The accusations come soon after Mr. Marcus went through a very public syphilis situation, and during the much-ballyhooed condom debate in porn. Rather than get into a bunch of hubbub about who said what, we figure we'd better just print this gentleman's letter in full so that you may ome to your own conclusions. So without further ado...

My name Peter. First, I would like to commend you on your fight to bring mandatory condoms to the Porn Industry. I would like to tell you my story. I am a married man for over 10 years. About one year ago my wife and I decided to take a break and see other people. I have a friend who works in the porn industry and he told me, don’t worry, I will take care of you. He booked me a girl through an agency called The Luxury Companion. The girl’s name was Alex Chance. My friend paid for her to spend the night with me.

I picked her up and we went out to dinner. My friend had apparently bought me a full package with Ms. Take A Chance so I decided to use it - and when I say "full package", I'm talking about SERIOUS BANGING, okay?. That night we had sex. I'm sort of a dipshit (ask my wife about that one - LOL), so I figured it would be safe to have sex without protection. I know I was clean because I had been married for the past 10 years and never told ANYBODY about any affairs and have had regular physicals where I have been tested for all STD’s. Long story short, we had a full night of unprotected sex and said our goodbyes in the morning. I never expected to even think about that night again for as long as I lived. Why would I even bother remembering, right? But, get this - it turns out that i did remember that night. Remember it with a vengeance.

A few weeks later my wife and I reconciled and went to therapy to improve our marriage. A few months later my wife started developing a rash in her pubic region, and I was all like "what the fuck is that". I took her to the doctor to find out she had been infected with Herpes and Syphilis - by me! I got tested also to find out that I had the same diagnosis. Our family was devastated.

On the surface, this would seem like I had played some sort of role in the grand opera that was unfolding before my family's eyes, that maybe I was slightly culpable for my actions, but i say fuck all that. It all happened because I decided that the porn industry’s testing procedure would keep me safe, even though I was just what they call a “civilian”. They claim that the diseases that come into their business are contracted by people like me but it’s not true. This girl ruined my family’s life. I came clean to my wife about what had happened and she left me - for what?

Now, maybe I'm old fashioned, but I was under the impression that if you split up from your wife and then fuck somebody else without using a condom, you're supposed to be, like, totally cleared of any possible repercussions. I mean, when I got back together with my wife and then end up whamming a bunch of syphilis and god knows what else into her, she's gonna obviously start asking questions. Are you honestly telling me that it's on me to make sure I stay safe when I'm having sex with a stranger that I just borrowed money from a friend to have sex with? My buddy didn't throw in a pack of fuckin' lifestyles with the deal - what, is that my fault all of a sudden? Am I supposed to be held accountable for my own sexual health? Did this stranger what I was fuckin' even stop to consider that once I was done fucking her, I didn't want to ever have to think about her again, least of all in the form of a totally treatable but nonetheless matrimonially-complicated STD? That ain't the America I signed up for! Obama fuckin' lied to us, man!

Please feel free to use my story however you see fit and good luck with AB332. You have a lot more support than you think.


And that's that. According to any and all STD tests (which - who knew - are done regularly in the industry), Ms. Chance is, and has been, free and clear of any diseases. But the story gets a lot more interesting when you find out that the mysterious "Peter" who wrote the letter is actually Award-Winning actor Peter Dinklage (who happens to be appearing at the first annual POPPORN Summerham Jam on July 1st - get your tickets now!

Also, doesn't that Manwin guy look like Stevie form Eastbound and Down? Potential biopic casting?




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