We've just gotten word that Alektra Blue is leaving Wicked Pictures! We haven't heard the whys and hows as of yet, but being the uber-smart dickholes that we are, we're pretty sure we can accurately surmise the reasons for the split. It probably has something do with with either that rogue LA Cop who caused all that uproar recently, or the blade-running athlete who recently killed his girlfriend. I imagine one of those guys is a patsy for Alektra, who's been rumored to have her big toe (among other body parts) involved in all kids of illegal shit.

Or heck, maybe she just made child porn like other Wicked contract stars. Or maybe she's just generally unloved, like other Wicked contract stars.

I'm just kidding about that last bit, as everyone who's ever met Alektra simply loves the fuck out of her (most notably those of us here at POPPORN).

The official word is, she's leaving Wicked with a mixture of happiness and sadness, but she thinks it was somewhat overdue, as do most of us. We're anxious to see her getting boned on the reg in material more hardcore She's got plans to start whamming her pussy out in front of the webcam regularly as well as selective shooting and even creating her own brand, most likely to be named "Alektric Chair Films" or "Alektric Guitarz Pictures" or "Alektrikal Rejuva-nation", or something equally as clever.

In remembrance of Alektra's time at Wicked, we'd like to take this opportunity to look back at a few of the best videos we've ever made, back when we used to do such things: