We have no idea why, but we're some lucky bastards. How else would you describe that we receive unsolicited emails from intelligent, beautiful women asking if they could contribute to our blog? Case in point, Courtney Page. Sure, you might have heard of her as she did porn for a few years but after retiring, she's whippin' shit up with words! We're thrilled to have her and we certainly hope her residency lasts longer than Faye Reagan's did a couple years back. Is she still alive? Anywhoo, say hello to Ms. Courtney Page!

Don't call them porn stars. They hate that! They prefer cam girls or even cam models. I cant really understand the thinking of this "difference" but most will be insulted if called PORNSTAR. These girls perform sexual acts online (and most recently, TV with the bigger cam-sites broadcasting performers on pay per view channels) for compensation. And when you can find your favorite cam girl online you can most definitely purchase a video from her. Most have a collection of videos for sale ranging from solo stuff all the way to boy/girl anal action. Again, don't call them porn-stars! These videos can be purchased with "tokens". A token is web cam world currency. Each worth only 5 cents. Streamate is one site that doesn't use tokens. They use GOLD. But never mind that site because right now I am talking about the massively humungous MyFreeCams. They are host to thousands and thousands of "models". This site is particularly popular, in my opinion, because it is exactly what its title implies, "Free". You can view any girl for free and its up to you, the viewer, whether or not you want to tip for a "show" or take the model away privately. Now if you want private time that does cost money, tokens. But if you happen to be short on pocket change you can always (and I DO NOT condone this or approve) hang out in a room and watch while others tip. These token tips are usually going towards a girls countdown in which she will either remove a piece of clothing or perform a "cum" show.

Aside from watching a cam girl live and chatting her up, which they strongly encourage (DO NOT call them BB. They hate that too!) you can view a profile page on each girl. Here you can learn little tidbits about her. The more advanced profiles will include much more than just age and hobbies. Those will inform you of raffles held by the model, highest tipper walls and even clubs the girls offer to loyal viewers. Now the most coveted thing on the entire profile page is the cam score. The cam score is incredibly important for two reasons. First, cam scores show viewers how popular a girl is on the site. It's affected by tips the model accumulates or doesn't and how much time spent online. Second, the cam scores give the cam girls good reason to hate each other. (Insert cat screech sound) Girls with outrageously high scores are accused of somehow altering the numbers by HTML magic or by sleeping with the site owner. Either way, these cam girls are seen as a threat and jealousy is quite common. This catty behavior comes in the form of "trolling". Models will create premium member accounts and go into other models rooms and just heckle the hell out of them. This trolling is actually responsible for the downfall of some the best models. When a girl gets too famous or popular on the site they can lose control of their room thanks to these trolls. After that it can be hard to get that level of success again. Sad.

In a nutshell, that is "camming". So why not let me introduce you to my favorite cam girl of the week.

Niki Skyler is currently in the number one spot for "MissFreeCams". This contest is held every month and the winner gets $1000. Who wins is entirely up to the viewers and customers. Girls plea and beg their fan rooms to help them get into the "Top 20". It's rumored that girls who make it into the top 20 average about $15,000 a pay period. Thats what a friend told me. I could be wrong....but I'm never wrong. So back to Niki. She is gorgeous and pretty much perfect. Well, her vagina is a bit meaty for my taste but other than that very cute and sweet. However, she wasn't always so sweet. There was a time when Ms. Skyler was a bit of a bitch. (Insert another cat screech sound). So much so that it started to hurt her "camming" reputation. So, in order to to change that, she got a lot more friendlier, more interactive with viewers, and soon became the most popular girl on the entire site. Well that last part could be argued that she is second to cam model Ginny Potter, another reigning MyFreeCam queen.

Show Review:
Niki Skyler's shows are actually incredibly hot! I mean, DAMN this girl can perform! Her cum shows do not disappoint. With huge dongs, sex swings, and amazing camera angles her shows are definitely worth the steep countdowns that proceed a show. She will usually do 3000 tokens to get her top off then another 3000 to get her bottoms off. While working on getting her countdowns down she spends her time just hanging out in her gorgeous Miami (I'm guessing) apartment. She sensually positions herself in front of the camera talking to the guys, posing, and waiting for those tips. Occasionally she will play a game like, "Guess-what-number-I-write-down-on-a-piece-of-paper" and viewers can guess by token amount whether it's the number or not. I chalk it up to her veteran status that she doesn't have to perform the more elaborate games like a lot of the other models do nor spend the hours upon hours waiting to get those countdowns done. Maybe even more important to her success is her consistent appearance. The girl keeps a schedule and sticks to it! She is a model citizen for web cam girls everywhere. Especially the more naughtier ones. Not so much the non-nude models.

Profile Review:
Niki has a pretty decent profile page. Definitely put in the time, or some nerdy tech guy did. Either way, very nice. She includes her name and of course her cam score, which is a whopping 32055.9. She claims to be bisexual and single (yay!). In the occupation spot she has "Photographer/Student". The background is a steamy photo of Niki in a white see-thru bathing suit, looking very Victoria's Secret model-ish. She includes links to both her Amazon wishlist and Twitter page. Her wishlist consists of only 6 items but expensive as hell! Go take a look, it's a bit ridiculous. She has a very respectable twitter account with over 21,000 followers. She promises to "tweet you real nice", whatever the hell that means. Next up is her list of videos for sale. Titles including "Hard Creamy Fuck", "Forest Nymph OOoo", "Creaming Outside", and even "My First Time". Prices range from 200 tokens to 666 tokens. Oh, you can also purchase a sex tape starring herself and earlier mentioned Ginny Potter. That's priced at 2222 tokens. Must be good! If you happen to be a fan of Niki you will want to be apart of "Niki's Rat Pack" or possibly the lesser but just as enticing "Frat Pack". Below this you will see "Niki's Mr. Right" aka her highest tipper. Currently holding that title is someone named Sisy4Niki with a tip amount of 100,000. Nice!

At the bottom of the page is a place to rate and admire her which is strongly urged by all models. Also a few tags, like "spinetingling" and "libidinous".

So that is Niki Skyler. You can find her on most mornings around 9ish west coast time. Tell her Courtney sent you. It wont get you anything but maybe a confused expression but on her it will still be boner inducing!

Find Niki Skyler's profile here:

And don't forget to follow me on twitter!




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