Don't worry, unlike our 2012 AVN Best New Starlet editorial last year that resulted in a blitzkrieg of backlash, our op-ed in regards to this years winner should fall safely in the Disney-realm of opinion pieces. That's because Remy LaCroix won the 2013 AVN Award for Best New Starlet and who didn't see that coming?

Since her very first scene in Elegant Angel's Cuties 3, Remy LaCroix was almost a shoe-in for Best New Starlet. Almost immediately, any movie featuring her all-natural smile, pert breasts and round ample ass flew off the shelves. While Riley Reid certainly seemed to lead the pack in number of box covers, Remy seemed to have that "wow factor" that's hard to describe.

Then, she retired.

Mid-way through the 2012, LaCroix announced she was leaving the industry. While adult performers come and go on a regular basis, for a performer with such immediate impact and potential to so suddenly retire...well, that sort of thing hasn't been seen since...well, since "Little Stevie" LaCroix.

Born 1968 into poverty, "Little Stevie" LaCroix grew to be a man in a small hamlet of East Los Angeles, He entered the adult industry in January of 1990 with his first release, Creamin' Honkies. His sudden, hot-as-lightning appearance on the adult scene had a similar impact as Remy's would 22 years later. VHS boxes featuring Stevie flew off the shelves, studios clamored to get him into their productions and gossip spread that he would be the man to take porn mainstream. However, by April of 1990, after shooting 47 scenes, Little Stevie announced his retirement from XXX with the now legendary porn quote, "Does anyone else think pussy smells weird?"

Of course, we all know the rest of the "Little Stevie" porn story.

After a series of false starts as a Latin instructor in Ecuador and then a missionary in Lithuania, "Little Stevie" returned to the adult industry as its prodigal son, dropping the diminutive, "Little" and branding himself Steven St. Croix (think Gandalf the Grey vs. Gandalf the White). Since then, Steven St. Croix has gone on to be one of the most celebrated adult performers of this generation.

It isn't hard to find a common thread between the Remy LaCroix and "Little Stevie" LaCroix story. Each had an immediate impact on the porn industry, suddenly and inexplicably retired only to return as a glorious, award-winning, molten-lava-spewing Phoenix. Well that and the "La" of course.

While we're sure it's only a matter of time before Remy LaCroix drops the "La" and adds the "St.", we sure hope that she has no plans to gloat over her victory.

That's because the 2013 AVN Award for Best New Starlet really should have gone to Riley Reid. Uh oh, no we di'nt!




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