It's with great honor that on the eve of our 5th anniversary POPPORN shall finally venture forward into public service.

Yes, POPPORN was created to bring levity to the overly dramatic world of the "Adult Entertainment Industry" (God, even the name drips Speilberg!) but our plan all along has been to, in some way, infiltrate the industry's upper echelon of decision makers and deliver a new, revolutionary perspective to a geriatric industry riddled with liver spots.

And so, with the recent announcement that the FSC (or Free Speech Coalition) is officially open for nominations to its 2013 board, we've set to task offering our very own MEAT BALL as being a worthy candidate. Besides thinking up the entire idea of "Free Speech" before anyone else, MEAT BALL meets all previously established guidelines for candidates as described in their 1997 charter:

1. Must be living.
2. Must be intrinsically interested and/or linked to the pornography.
3. Must be a white guy or, barring that, a lawyer. Both is preferred.
4. Must believe in things that are free.
5. Must be an assassin or at the very least, not T.T. Boy.

FSC CEO, Mr. Diane Duke reports that now (more so then ever before or ever again) is the time to stand up and be counted as one of the people that cheers, "FREEDOM" to every question of, "WHAT?" In addition, an unnamed member of the board known to POPPORN only as, "Mr. White" has reported to us via a third party that financial contributions to the FSC are not welcome but expected during this nomination period.

We're proud to report that on MEAT BALL's behalf we have submitted a financial commitment of $1250 dollars which should secure at least one, maybe two seats on the board for our esteemed, revolutionary comrade.

The nomination form can be found here and all are invited to nominate MEAT BALL.

Hey, check out this sweet pic of Joanna Angel's zapruder!