In a rather surprising turn of events, adult newcomer Brooke Lee Adams publicly apologized to POPPORN and Director Lee Roy Myers for her recent issues on set (and not on set) via her twitter. These apologies were sent late at night and (due to our being located on the east coast) we didn't see them until we woke up this morning after wiping the sweet misty dew from our slumber. Honestly, we were a tad bit flumoxed.

You see, we didn't really have an issue with Ms. Adams...or is it Ms. Lee Adams?

Let's recap.

A few months ago, POPPORN and Lee Roy Myers entered into a new business venture co-producing adult films. One of our first co-productions was a movie called, Pink Lips. You might recall us mentioning it back here. Brooke was cast as one of our Pink Lips and we were excited to have her in our movie. You see, she's kind of a righteously hot bizzo and we knew she'd be able to pull it off. Of course, we've never met her so we were sort of making a random, unproven assumption, but we're pretty fucking geniusal and rarely wrong.

Nevertheless, Lee Roy directed the film and happened to mention that Ms. Adams/Ms. Lee Adams might have been somewhat, "out of it" during the shooting of the film. Being ever the professional, Lee Roy had no garish assumptions as to what, "out of it" meant, just that he thought she might have been in a state of mind that was not as conduscive to pornographic production as one might hope. Either way, Pink Lips was successfully shot and is currently in post-production slated for a release later this summer.

No harm no foul.

But our story, doesn't end there. A few days after filming for Pink Lips wrapped, we headed out to Los Angeles to shoot our Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody for Zero Tolerance. We booked Ms. Adams/Ms. Lee Adams for that shoot as well because, as we mentioned, we're fans.

However, on the first day of shooting, while Brooke was on her way to set, a rather mysterious set of events occurred requiring (what we were told) was a hospital visit. Now, again, we have no details as to what lead to the hospital visit but what we do know was that Brooke never made it to our set and since then, we've heard neither tweet nor twat from her.

But, believe it or not, we never held that against her.

You see, shit happens. We're all adults and we're in the business of making and selling pornography. While professionalism is preferred so that budgets don't run over and time isn't wasted it's still an easier gig than selling encyclopedia's. In fact, while our crueler sensibilities lead us to speculate internally what the source of Brooke's issues might have been, our kinder/gentler more noble aspirations lead us only to hope for the best for her. Because again, she's pretty fucking hot and hot girl's deserve good wishes and a lot of chances to screw up, let's be honest.

Let's take a look at the late night twitter apologies, shall we?

Brookeleeadams Brooke Lee Adams
I need to publically apologize to @POPPORNBLOG and @leeroymyers for being very unprofessional on their set. It was the only time I have

Brookeleeadams Brooke Lee Adams
@POPPORNBLOG @leeroymyers engaged in substances while on set and I am very sorry I chose to do so on your set. I was in a very bad place
5 hours ago

Brookeleeadams Brooke Lee Adams
@POPPORNBLOG @leeroymyers emotionally and should not have come to work in such a state. I am thankful for your kindness to me on set
5 hours ago

Brookeleeadams Brooke Lee Adams
@POPPORNBLOG @leeroymyers despite my inappropriate behavior. In many ways, your set was a catalyst to my current recovery of almost 90 days
5 hours ago

@POPPORNBLOG @leeroymyers and I thank you very much for everything. [in hindsight I should have just emailed all this to @MikeMoz]
5 hours ago

So while we're not sure how Lee Roy Myers feels about the apologies, we here at POPPORN can say to you, Ms. Adams/Ms. Lee Adams apology accepted. Although, it wasn't really necessary. We look forward to working with you in the future.

P.S. - Our "hook-up" in LA is doing time at Corcoran lockup. Might you be able to help us out when we're next in town?

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