We'll save you from having to squint.

The tattoo around Adrenalynn's asshole says "Jarrod's Little Fuckdoll." Who the fuck is Jarrod? He's Jarrod Richardson, Adrenalynn's husband/manager and also a photographer. The 22 year old Southern belle, from Texas, was recently signed, and just as recently dropped as a Digital Playground contract girl. Why? She won't really say. "We both decided to split ways. It was an amicable thing. You get into a relationship and it just doesn't work out. We left on cool terms." she says. Adrenalynn has been working with "a new company, but I can 't say who it is or what just yet."

So technically, she can't tell us anything. Boring!

So, I switched gears...

"What is your racial make-up," we asked Adrenalynn after admitting that we couldn't come up with a more PC way to inquire. "My mom is black and my dad is white…zero Asian, zero Hispanic," she says, though quickly adds that her "black side also has a Native American bloodline."

She's been making movies for eight months, mostly as Adrennalynn but also used the name Adrianna Lynn in her brief stint with Digital Playground. Adrenalynn, who also works as a tattoo artist, says she hopes to show more of her submissive side in the future. When we say submissive, we're not sure that adequately describes what we mean. One of her major turn-ons, we discover, is: "I like to get punched in the ribs."

When, we ask?

"Before, during. You can't get someone to punch you hard enough."

Has she ever broken a rib?

"I don't think so."

She has yet to be rib punched on film, but in her personal life it's all about that and choke fucking. She hopes to soon bring those interests to her new movies. She'd also like to work more with girls. "I don't have much game with chicks in my personal life, but I love chicks and I love working with them," she tells us.

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