We'll save you from having to squint.

The tattoo around Adrenalynn's asshole says "Jarrod's Little Fuckdoll." Who the fuck is Jarrod? He's Jarrod Richardson, Adrenalynn's husband/manager and also a photographer. The 22 year old Southern belle, from Texas, was recently signed, and just as recently dropped as a Digital Playground contract girl. Why? She won't really say. "We both decided to split ways. It was an amicable thing. You get into a relationship and it just doesn't work out. We left on cool terms." she says. Adrenalynn has been working with "a new company, but I can 't say who it is or what just yet."

So technically, she can't tell us anything. Boring!

So, I switched gears...

"What is your racial make-up," we asked Adrenalynn after admitting that we couldn't come up with a more PC way to inquire. "My mom is black and my dad is white…zero Asian, zero Hispanic," she says, though quickly adds that her "black side also has a Native American bloodline."

She's been making movies for eight months, mostly as Adrennalynn but also used the name Adrianna Lynn in her brief stint with Digital Playground. Adrenalynn, who also works as a tattoo artist, says she hopes to show more of her submissive side in the future. When we say submissive, we're not sure that adequately describes what we mean. One of her major turn-ons, we discover, is: "I like to get punched in the ribs."

When, we ask?

"Before, during. You can't get someone to punch you hard enough."

Has she ever broken a rib?

"I don't think so."

She has yet to be rib punched on film, but in her personal life it's all about that and choke fucking. She hopes to soon bring those interests to her new movies. She'd also like to work more with girls. "I don't have much game with chicks in my personal life, but I love chicks and I love working with them," she tells us.

In the meantime, find much more about Adrenalynn in these locations:

Read her adult column HERE!

Watch her explain the whole butt tattoo, HERE!

(Look, it stars Adrenalynn!)

(Wait, this one stars Adrianna Lynn!)

(Let's just beat each other up!)


Fuck y'all! That's one bad

Fuck y'all! That's one bad bitch, tough as nails too. Go girl, tats are awesome, people that say their dumb say that because their pussies and can't handle getting one. Its easier to say tattoos are dumb than it is to say I'm too much of a pussy to get a tattoo. So, all you tat haters(pussies) shut your mouths, I'm sleeved up and I love my ink. So do all my fine ass female friends, nothing unique about you inkless sheep, that's why you got no bad ass bitches on the line. BAAAAAAH SHEEP!!! WATCH OUT FOR US WOLVES!!!!! NICE INK ADRIANNA-KEEP DOIN WHAT U DO! JRIGGS


How wrong you are. Every

How wrong you are. Every cunt has a tattoo these days. Absolutely nothing unique or edgy about you lot. Tattoos are so run-of-the-mill, it's boring.

Good point about everyone being pussies!

I agree that getting tattoos is probably the very best, absolutely foolproof way to make oneself unique. It's just that too many tattoos looks stupid, you know?

love it!

ahhhh haa! love where it's placed! must have been hard to keep clean...

she's gorgeous but that

she's gorgeous but that asshole tatoo is quite stupid.

All tattoos are stupid! Duh!

All tattoos are stupid! Duh!

ass tattoo

she`s fucking hot

i just wanna someone fuck her little tight asshole.

wouldn't it suck if she got

wouldn't it suck if she got divorced from jarrod? LOL

Not hot... still smash tho

Not hot... still smash tho but where's a pic of the fuckin ass hole tat!

I need help!!!!

Wanna get a huge tattoo all over my vagina region but there's a problem, I have genital herpes. Would that be an huge issue?



I don't get it

man the girl is gorgeous, and fucks like a horney bunny, but I don't get why the hell she's got a tatoo with the name of her husband in her asshole. pornstars don't have relationships in the personal life that last forever, in a couple of years when she gets divorce she's gonna have a laser turn on in her ass removing that shit, now that's gonna be a funny get well card.

Running that article and not showing the tattoo is like...

is like... well fuck, I can't think of a good simile. But it sucks!

It also must have sucked when that fresh tattoo started scabbing over. *shudder*

Adrenalynn/Adrianna Lynn

Wait a minute - she was in "Fight Club"? LOL

Seriously - Adrenalynn is a GORGEOUS woman and a hell of an energetic performer...It was interesting to read the definitive word from her on her ethnic background (and to put to rest all the speculation about whether she is Hispanic or Asian - depending on the makeup job, either guess would have been understandable). Looking forward to seeing more from this incredible woman.

Industry labels her always

Industry labels her always as Asian/White or Latin/White but she admits in several on line interviews that she is .......
Ta da........1/2 black!

It's like they're trying to hide this fact or something but she's hot so who cares!!?

Really beautiful

Her lips are gorgeous, she's really beautiful and funny too. Plus, incredibly hot.

She has huge boobs...and her

She has huge boobs...and her husband is creepy looking...


Latex Boobs Yay!

Domming with Snark!
Ms. Astrid

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