While I think it's easy to say that I'm one of those people who truly couldn't give a shit-and-a-half about the majority of celebrity gossip, this recent news about Octomom piqued my interest. As you may or may not know, Nadya Suleman (alleged multiple motherer) recently produced a short fetish video starring herself (clad in a corset and black leggings) and some dude in a diaper. She apparently whips him repeatedly and probably calls him "bad baby" or "you stupid fucking child" or something like that while he whimpers and, I dunno, maybe shit himself or drinks milk or something. It's a well-known fetish called...um...babyfuckery or something like that.

I honestly couldn't get through the whole video myself. You can watch it here to see why. I personally made it about 42 seconds in before I had to shut the thing off. Maybe you'll take it a bit further? The dude dressed up in the baby gear was just a little bit too much for me to handle (especially because, as I write this, my neighbors are over for dinner and they think I'm a front-end developer for a online ointment store).

Why's this news interesting? Well, for many people, it's interesting because she's a recent flavor-of-the-month human oddity type of celebrity, and she apparently hasn't used up her entire fifteen minutes yet. For months, soccer moms and yuppies argued about the ethics of her choice to have so many kids while others simply gaped and googawed at the media antics. Naturally, as she starts to lose her capital in the media empires, she needs to up her game to stay in the headlines. A few more antics like this, and she'll probably be hosting some VH1 show about wacky news items, which is probably best case scenario.

Me, personally, I find this news interesting because from what I've heard, Vivid's Steven Hirsch has been trying his ass off to get Octolady in one of Vivid's tres-classy Vivid-Celeb films, offering her shit-tons of money and even going so far as to purchase her home (or try to anyway) in hopes of gaining some clout with her. I find the fact that she's repeatedly turned him down pretty freaking funny. Especially now that's she's entering some pretty risque material herself. Although, I hope she realizes that by turning Hirsch down so many times, she's losing her chance to gain the special niche of notoriety and fame enjoyed by previous Vivid-Celeb stars like Jessica Sierra or Toastee.

Granted, Suleman apparently turned down Vivid's many offers because she felt porn was demeaning to women, which I wouldn't say is the case in this new video. This video in question, well, if I had to choose between her and the stunning gentleman in the baby outfit, I wouldn't say she's the one being demeaned here. Because this guy looks like a fucking idiot. Good lord, I hope she paid this loser a lot of money for this, because fuck, this has gonna be a hard thing to live down.

Octomadre is apparently shopping the video around to see who wants to pay her thousands and thousands of dollars for this monstrosity. Gather your coins, folks.

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