Do you remember this gal?

Sure you do! Her name is Stoya. She's a Digital Playground contract star, friend to this here blog and all around nice gal. You might also call her, "The most well known, non-practicing porn star who isn't retired" in the industry". Or, you might just call her a sweet piece of perfect ass.

Whatever cute and cuddly nickname you have for her, as a fan, you probably have seen or read interviews with Stoya where she spends a little bit of time discussing footage that has been in the Digital Playground vault for sometime. Footage that she's always wanted to see released. Specifically, an interracial scene with Mr. Marcus and a double penetration scene. Stoya, who has been off the grid for more than a year now as she went thru some "contractual" issues with Digital Playground has recently started pinging back into the adult scene. Why just a couple weeks ago she appeared at Exxxotica Edison NJ, and she just wrapped a new feature with Robby D. for Digital Playground about people who fly airplanes. We're assuming it's a parody of Iron Eagle but that's yet to be confirmed via Louis Gossett Jr.'s reps.

And now, we discover that that rumored double penetration scene is about to hit the street in Digital Playground's upcoming Bad Girls 5 which streets next week. So is all of this Stoya business a sign of the imminent return of one the industry's palest performers? Is Stoya back, putting her mouth, vagina and butt hole out there for the united wankers of the universe to celebrate once more?

Fuck if we know. We're just curious about how she takes two dicks at one time. That shit's gotta hurt at first!

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