Sometimes our best just isn't good enough. Am I right?

Let's say you spend all of your time creating porn that pushes the limits, testing cultural taboos and exploring that great maze of human sexuality looking for the absolute extreme expression of depravity wrapped in a exploratory blanket. It's still not enough. Sure, maybe companies like Evil Angel and their stable of directors push their fair share of buttons with their milk-enemas and gaping butt holes like so many puffy, pink pouting blow fish spitting frothy man-milk, but ultimately, unless you're willing to go to the point of amateur snuff films or work for JM Productions, your content just isn't as extreme as it could be.

Why? Because the homosexuals will always go one step further.

Much like an extremist cult, the gays know how to fucking party. They aren't afraid of your "norms" and your "decency". No, instead they are interested in hot, dirty and downright boundary crushing extremes and will go to any limit to fly cum loaded planes into your World Trade Center of vanilla porn no matter how hardcore you think it is.

"But wait!" you say, "This ain't "Nam, there are rules!"

Well folks, legendary gay adult studio, Bel Ami is here to tell you take your rules and swallow them like a hot load of jizz, shit them out like diaarhea, let that diaarhea dry in the Arizona sun for a week, pour some water on that now dry diaarhea so that it re-activates and snort it like soupy cocaine at a gay disco in Slovakia.

We give you, Taboo: The Peters Twins.

Now, before you think you've heard this before with Vivid's Love Twins, let me just remind you of my statement from a bit earlier..."one step further." Sure, you may have seen twins get down and groove on the same weener from time to time, maybe you've even seen them kiss each other or romatically massage each others zoobs, but what you haven't seen is those twins take the time out of their busy day and fuck each other bareback like cowboys in a Gus Van Zandt movie. That's because, you haven't seen Taboo.

The Peters Twins star in this gay adult movie and after fiddling around with other big gay adult names, the identical twin brothers take a shot at each other with a full on, hardcore, bareback sex scene where it's brother against brother in a mirror-image slut fest resulting in the two peas in a pod swallowing each others cum. Intense, huh? You can go over here to check out the movie and watch the trailer, but be warned, this is sexual Jihad at it's holiest and they are recruiting.

So, while John Stagliano gears up for the fight of his life against the U.S. Government and the ridiculous concept of what is and is not "decent" know that the war goes on in other corners of the globe with WAY more extreme content. Sure, you might ask why the US DOJ doesn't go after this kind of film but remember, gay is infectious. No way are they taking that chance.